is a unique, publicly available database that tracks shareholder proposals in real time. See 2017 vote results for all shareholder proposals, and all management Say on Pay proposals, for the largest 250 U.S. public companies, as ranked by Fortune magazine. View vote results for all the 2017 hot button issues, including political spending and lobbying disclosure, separation of the roles of CEO and Chairman, and board declassification, posted as these companies hold their annual meetings and file vote results. Track proponents to see who are the most active (and most successful), and which companies they are targeting.

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Proxy Monitor 2017: Season Review
By James R. Copland and Margaret M. O'Keefe
November 2017

Climate-Change Proposals Break Through
By James R. Copland and Margaret M. O’Keefe
June 2017

Proxy Season Preview: Shareholder Activism en Marche
By James R. Copland and Margaret M. O’Keefe
April 2017


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October 02, 2014

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